Our Philosophy


The Total Approach

The Total Approach is our exclusive design and build methodology which takes into consideration the unique living and working patterns of each individual client. Rather than forcing clients to accommodate the way they work to fit the space, we approach it the other way around. Through extensive conversations and interviews with our clients we ensure that we fully understand our clients’ needs before any work is begun. And while you will be satisfied with your initial impressions of the finished space, it is only after working in the space for some time that you will come to fully appreciate the thinking and customization that have gone into its design and construction.

The Total Approach also extends to Excel’s working methodology. Every project includes a site survey of the entire building to uncover any otherwise unforeseen problems that could compromise the project during construction. This process ensures that the building’s existing utilities will support any planned expansion. We do our homework to ensure a worry free job that comes in on time, on budget and meets our extremely high standards of quality.

True, Plumb & Square

While higher quality materials create an elegant finish, there is no level of material quality that can hide poor workmanship. True, plumb and square, it’s the foundation of all quality craftsmanship. We make sure we get the basics right so that your project will look clean and crisp and will be long lasting and worry free regardless of the materials used.