Homeowners Tucker and Regi have buttoned up every last inch of their property, a Brooklyn condo that was a schoolhouse in a previous life. However, they still have one eyesore to contend with: the fireplace! NBC's Open House to the Rescue called Excel in to help with this tough job. Watch the video.

Matthew Goldfine responds to the 2008 credit crunch in a WNYC Public Radio on air interview. Select the PLAY below to begin listening.

Read Matthew Goldfine's comments on the tightening credit market in an October 2008 interview with Crain's New York reporter Daniel Massey.

Homeowner Jody Alperin loves her wooden deck, but what she doesn't love is the frequent splinters it causes for her children. She tapped NBC’s Open House: To the Rescue to give her a smooth (and safe) surface. NBC called us to get the job done. Watch the video.

With the help of Excel Builders & Renovators Inc., NBC’s Open House: To the Rescue host George Oliphant provides 5 tips on wooden deck repair.